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What is Nuuna

Quick, easy, and customizable. Our ready-to-eat Instant Bihun Goreng is here for all busy and hungry Malaysians. Nuuna inspires people to enjoy fulfilling meals together anytime and anywhere – even when life gets busy. 

Whether it’s for your family or yourself, save time and enjoy our quick and affordable meals. Nuuna’s Instant Bihun Goreng brings you the best of two flavours: Original & Spicy

Nuuna Original & Spicy

Original Flavour

Nuuna’s Original Instant Bihun Goreng gives you the taste and comfort of a home-cooked meal. Our original flavour is the right blend of spices specially made to create this timeless dish for all Malaysians. Simply add your favourite protein and vegetables to your taste and enjoy a complete meal in an instant!

Spicy Flavour

Nuuna’s Spicy Instant Bihun Goreng is an experience that will spice up your taste buds. Packed with a great blend of chillies and spices, this is a must-try for heat lovers. Whether it’s a sunny or rainy day or if you’re just craving something spicy, enjoy your meal with every mouthful of Nuuna’s Spicy Bihun Goreng.



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